Sessions are currently being run under Scottish Athletics guidelines. The club has set up a number of controls, which are primarily there for your safety, but also to spare you the head bend of compliance! Fortunately, the committee and coaches have examined the detail, and all you need to do is book onto a session and turn up!

(Detailed guidelines available here.)

Session Booking

Book onto a session here.

If you cannot get booked onto a session due to ticket availability, email – we’ll add extra groups where we can to meet demand.

Booking is essential to comply with the rules – so don’t turn up if you haven’t booked!

Tuesday 29th December

6:15 PM Early Speed Session – Lorraine ****CANCELLED****

Meet at Pentland Drive

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Session: Pyramid 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1 min fast with half recovery between

*Suitable for all abilities*


Group 1 with Alan Hill

Group 2 with Andy


Session: Coffin Run

1 side fast 3 slow; 2 fast 2 slow; 3 fast 1 slow; 4 fast; 3 slow 1 fast; 2 slow 2 fast; 1 slow 3 fast


5 x 1000, R600

Wednesday 30th December CANCELLED

12:30 PM Lunch Session – Damian ****CANCELLED****

Meet at the canal at Cadder bridge warmed up and ready to run.

Thursday 31st December CANCELLED

6:15 PM Early Session – Fiona ****CANCELLED****

Meet at the “pond” within Kings Meadow Estate

6:15 PM Early Session – Jeanette Craig ****CANCELLED****

Meet at Muirpark Drive just off Crowhill Road

Session: 10 x 400m with 1 min recovery

7:30 PM Road Run – U18 (Group 2) ****CANCELLED****

Meet at the The Eagle Lodge

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Route – TBC

7:30 PM Road Run – U18 + Seniors Medium Paced (8-9min/mile) (Group 3)

Meet at the Eagle Lodge ****CANCELLED****

Route: TBC

7:30 PM Road Run – Faster Paced (Group 4) ****CANCELLED****

Meet at Eagle Lodge

Route: TBC

Saturday 2nd JAN CANCELLED

9:00 AM Social Road Run ****CANCELLED****

Suitable for all abilities

Meet at bench at Woodhill Evangelical Church

Session is a maximum of 10km but  there are options to come off canal at Cadder or turn earlier on canal.

10:00 AM Session – Speed Session in the Park ****CANCELLED****

Meet at pond 

Session will be at the pond within Springburn Park

Interval length / recovery and pace set to individual requirements.


9:00 AM Social Walk ****CANCELLED****

Suitable for all abilities

Session is a maximum of 10km and there are options to shorten walk