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Grand Prix

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Grand Prix

This year’s 2016/17 Grand Prix has a few changes to the format. We have updated the points awarded. The race list includes a total of 15 eligible races. Members can compete for ranked point in 14 of these races between the dates 01/04/2015 & 28/02/2016. Points will also be awarded to anyone completing any marathon or ultra-race.

In addition to the Grand Prix there will also be races series for the Polaroids. This will give members an opportunity to pick up additional GP points for races not included the Grand Prix race list. Additional Club championships will be announced in the near furture.

The first race to kick off the Grand Prix is the Polaroid – Dumbarton 10k on Thursday 26th May 2016. This will be followed by the Kirkintilloch Olympians 10k on 16th June 2016 (and Curry night).

Current Grand Prix Results 2016-2017

The Grand Prix points scoring has changed this year to one based on Age grade performance.
Points will be awarded to each runner as a percentage of the max points (50pts per race) based on their race time in comparison to their age graded time. Each race has a max of 50 point per race. Each runner will receive a percentage of these point.

The Age grade Performance % calculation = [ age graded time for specific distance (AGT) divided by runners Actual time (RAT)] x 100.
Age 40 Male
RAT = 00:35:26
AGT = 00:27:43

Age graded Performance % calculation =
( 00:27:43 / 00:35:26 ) * 100 = 78.22% (78.22% of 50pts = 39)

The Grand Prix races for 2016/17

1 Polaroid – Dumbarton 26/05/2016 10k
2 Kirkintilloch 10K 11/06/2016 10k
3 Calderglen 5k Trail Race 24/06/2016 5k
4 Girvin Half Marathon 10/07/2016 Half
5 Club Hill Race 21/07/2016 HR
6 Dunoon Half 06/08/2016 Half
7 Isle of Bute 10k 20/08/2016 10k
8 Stirling 10k 11/09/2016 10k
9 George Cummings Road Relays 26/09/2016 RR
10 Glasgow ½ Marathon 02/10/2016  Half
11 Glasgow 10k 02/10/2016 10k
12 Lanarkshire XC Championships 14/11/2016 XC
13 West District XC Championships 04/12/2016 XC
14 Nigel Barge 10k 22/01/2017 TBC 10k
15 National XC Championships 8K / 12K 25/02/2017 XC
16 Any Marathon 26.2 M or Ultra March-16 to Feb-17 26.2


The GP Rules: 

  1. Max points per individual race available = 50 points
  2. Max points per relay race available = 75 points
  3. Age graded performance times are based on international road running standards.
  4. Points will be awarded per race, as a %age of max points  based on age/gender graded performance (See calculation example above).
  5.  2 points will be awarded for a race PB.
  6. Runners are responsible for informing the captains of a race PB.
  7. 50 points will be awarded each Marathon or Ultra run between 01/03/2016 & 28/02/2017.
  8. In the case where runners have tied point. Winners will then be decided by the number of completed races, then race times.
  9. GP points will only be awarded to club members who have paid fees in full.

Good luck to everyone