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Club Constitution

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Club Constitution

Springburn Harriers Constitution

1. Name: The name of the Club will be Springburn Harriers, continued since founded in 1893.

2. Aim: The aim of the club will be the promotion of athletics, with particular emphasis on road running and cross country, in competition and training.

3. Membership: All persons as defmed by Scottish Athletics are eligible for membership. All members are expected to adhere to the club code of conduct which promotes a club seeking to be free of discrimination and which welcomes anyone with an interest in athletics. There will be four categories of membership:

ORDINARY member: Member with full voting rights who participates in athletics and joins on payment of annual subscription.

ASSOCIATE Member: Associate members, approved by the committee are non-participating athletics members, who pay a reduced annual subscription and have full voting rights.

LIFE member: Life members, elected by the committee on the basis of their outstanding contribution to the Club or athletics in general. They will have voting rights, however, are not required to pay annual subscription.

HONORARY Member: Honorary members may be elected by the committee for services rendered to the Club. They do not have voting rights and will not pay the annual subscription.

Membership of young persons (under 16) may be restricted depending on Scottish Athletics rules regarding coaching capacity, parental and/or volunteer support. Young persons will not have full voting rights, however, may attend the AGM.

4. Committee: The management of the Club will be vested in a committee consisting of:
• President,
• Vice President
• Secretary
• Treasure,
• Welfare Officer
• Minute Secretary
• Gent Club Captain
• Lady Club Captain; and
• Three general members (as a minimum).

5. Committee Meetings: Committee meetings will generally be held on the second Monday of each month, with a minimum of ten meetings per year. Five members will form a quorum. Minutes of committee meetings will be made available on request.

6. Annual General Meeting: The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will normally be held in March to receive reports from all office bearers, receive the club’s audited accounts, confIrm an auditor for the coming year, elect a new committee, confIrm the subscription rates and discus any other business.

7. Subscription: The annual subscriptions will be due on joining the club and on 1st April thereafter.

8. Extra-ordinary General Meeting: An Extra-ordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called by the secretary at any time on fourteen days notice:
• At the insistence of the Committee
• Upon receipt of written notification specifying the purpose for which the meeting is called and signed by twenty-five percent or more general members.

9. Colours: The club colours will be Navy Blue with a White Diamond shown to the front.

10. Constitution: A copy of the Constitution ap.d Code of Conduct will be available from the Secretary and posted on the club website.

11. Code of Conduct: The Club Code of Conduct will complement the constitution and be agreed at an AGM by the membership of the club. It will have the same authority as the constitution. All members will be expected to comply with the responsibilities outlined in the Code of Conduct.

12. Property: All property of the club will belong to the ordinary members and be vested in the Club Office Bearers as Trustees on behalf of the Club. No personal liability will attach or fall on any trustee acting in good faith. All bills, promissory notes, deeds, and other writings will be validly executed and binding on the club being signed by the President, Secretary and Treasurer. In the case of the club’s current account, cheques need only to be signed by the treasurer and an authorised signatory.

13. Amendments to the constitution: These must be sent in writing to the club secretary by 1sl March for consideration at the next AGM. Such amendments must be carried by a two-thirds majority ofthose present and entitled to vote.

14. Liquidation: The Club may be dissolved and wound up only on resolution of the members passed at an EGM and confirmed at a subsequent meeting to be held not later than fourteen days thereafter. At the first meeting, a majority of three-quarters of the members present and voting will be necessary to pass such a resolution. This may, however, be confrnned at the second meeting by a simple majority of those present and voting. In the event of such a resolution being confirmed, the members will, at this second meeting, appoint a liquidator or liquidators with full power to make such arrangements as necessary, including the realisation of property and other assets. After all liabilities are met, any surplus will be used for approved sporting or charitable purposes.